Top 10 Scams Against the Elderly – Aging Wisely

The range and frequency of scams perpetrated against seniors that were reported to the Fraud Hotline in 2017 demonstrate the extent of this epidemic. In 2018, the Aging Committee intends to build. Top 10 Scams Reported To Aging committee fraud hotline from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017.

Six of the 10 most expensive places. care and Metairie’s dense aging population as two possible ways to explain the high spending statistics. Egan said that his employees service a growing number.

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NCSA’s Top. fraud, especially against seniors and other vulnerable adults, the Office of the Attorney General is participating in a statewide public awareness campaign during PROTECT Week.

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The elder Cassity was an attorney who had been disbarred in the 1980s after his conviction for an earlier scam, according to news accounts of his trial. Far from being rehabilitated, he simply hit on an even more devastating con game, becoming the mastermind of the prepaid funeral fraud, said prosecutors at his trial.

Here are 10 common scams targeting elders that you should know about and share with your elderly loved ones. 1. Sweepstakes and lottery scams. In these types of scams, the elder is informed that they have won a lottery or sweepstakes and need to make some sort of payment to receive the prize.

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Article: Scams Against Elderly are Multi-Billion Dollar Industry – Nearly 20 percent of Florida’s population is 65 years or older, the highest in the nation. As the Baby Boomers move into.

Which are the most common scams targeting seniors? According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), the top 10 scams targeting seniors include the following: Medicare – Fraudsters pose as Medicare representatives to deceive seniors into providing their personal information, such as their Medicare identification number.

Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors. As posted on Financial scams targeting seniors have become so prevalent that they’re now considered "the crime of the 21st century." Why? Because seniors are thought to have a significant amount of money sitting in their accounts.

fighting fraud: u.s. senate aging com-mittee identifies top 10 scams tar-geting our nation’s seniors r e p o r t of the special committee on aging united states senate february 11, 2016.-ordered to the printed