Super Tuesday, the Coming Clinton Presidency and other depressing news

FixCam: Is May 6 the New Super Tuesday?. McCain isn’t BUSH and either are preferrable to the rich vein of filth that would come to the White House with a Clinton Presidency. There are millions of us, Democrats, who have said again and again that we will not vote for Clinton under any circumstances and you Clinton partisans keep bring up the.

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Super Tuesday: The day that makes – and breaks – future US presidents IT’S crunch-time in the US presidential race. Super Tuesday is the date that sorts the hopefuls into two prospective winners.

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Going forward, if Sanders cannot significantly reduce Clinton’s margins among African-Americans, he is going to have a difficult time winning any remaining southern contests and will be at a clear disadvantage in the big Eastern and Mid-western states with large urban populations. super tuesday was not a total loss

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On Tuesday, Brock returned to Little Rock as a converted man. No longer part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” as the first lady once dubbed it, Brock has transformed into a member in good standing.

Super Tuesday – Find news stories, facts, pictures and video about Super Tuesday – Page 1 | Newser. – Super Tuesday, the jam-packed day of presidential primary voting every four years, may get.

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Hillary Clinton: 'Another Super Tuesday for Our Campaign' (FULL SPEECH) But Clinton pushed back effectively. with corporate America on economic and other policies. “I want to make sure we rein in the excessive use of political power to feather the nest and support the.

The AP has released a new delegate count.Obama has 796 and Hillary has 794. With nearly 1,600 delegates from Tuesday contests awarded, Sen. Barack Obama led by two delegates Friday night, with 91 delegates still to be awarded.

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Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton surged ahead in the presidential race today after posting emphatic wins in ‘Super Tuesday’ primaries as an epic face off between the two seemed likely after the crucial multi-state vote. advertising Coming within striking distance of becoming.