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Everything you post could be seen by an employer.. Employers are searching for your social media profiles – and they're using them to decide. For example, you probably mainly use Facebook to catch up with family and friends, but you.

Monitoring the extent of your usage is not the same as policing the content of your Facebook page – unless, of course, you have invited your manager to be a Friend on Facebook. If your employer is especially concerned about Facebook use, the best advice is never to mention your work on Facebook, and to be very careful who your Facebook.

If you have built a strong rapport with your employer during your tenure, it may well happen (in a best case scenario) that they inquire about what benefits another employer is offering you and decide to give you a comparable raise, a more flexible work schedule, or other benefits.

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You can also adjust your privacy settings so that your Facebook page does not appear in search engine results. You never know when an employer may set up a fake profile just to spy on you. For this reason, think twice before accepting a friend request from anyone you don’t personally know, including nosy or snooping co-workers.

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Facebook can be a great tool for networking and finding openings during your job search. Since you share personal information on Facebook, it’s important to know about best practices and tools you can use to make sure your profile is suitable for potential employers.

3. Socialize. Recruiting using Facebook includes networking with candidates and building relationships with potential future hires. After you create your profile, you should have at least one page manager who responds to people’s questions and engages with them on a regular basis.

Yes, Employers Will Check Your Facebook Before Offering You a Job 03/04/2013 08:42 am ET Updated May 04, 2013 The other day, I went over to my boss’ desk to find her and my other boss hunkered over the computer, scrolling through some young woman’s Facebook profile.

#1 Reason You're Not Getting Called For Job Interviews It is almost a given. Employers head to Facebook before they hire. Some businesses are now asking for private login information to get an unfiltered look at just about everything — friends.

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