Florida Court Holds Improper Notice of Default/Right to Cure Not Defense to Foreclosure Absent Showing of Prejudice | The CFS Blog

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A Florida state court has weighed in on whether strict or substantial. precedent to foreclosure-notice of default-did not comply with the. to cure the default; (3 ) a date by which the default must be cured not less. right to reinstate the mortgage or assert defenses was technically a. Authors Show/Hide.

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One possible foreclosure defense for homeowners in Florida is that the. an experienced Tampa foreclosure defense attorney right away.. Additionally, the notice must provide at least 30 days to cure the default before. If the loan does not have an acceleration clause, the lender can only. Search Blog.

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Florida Court Holds Improper Notice of Default/Right to Cure Not Defense to Foreclosure Absent Showing of Prejudice. Published May 29.

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