Florida and Arizona: Baby Boomer Magnets

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The entire country is getting older, but Colorado, with its heavy concentration of baby boomers, is aging faster than most. they will favor warmer climates at lower altitudes, such as Florida and.

Carter benefited from the youth vote, as the oldest baby boomers turned 30 in 1976. the latter two of which had been big.

Three Florida metros are among the top 10 markets likely to see an influx of baby boomer home buyers. put that criteria together and it pushes states like Florida and Arizona toward the top of.

Canadians have bought significantly more expensive homes in the United States over the past year, as they look to their southern neighbor for sunny, high-end vacation spots in places like Florida,

. zip codes with the largest share of baby boomers are largely in Arizona and Florida, according to RentCafe. For the report, RentCafe analyzed Census data in the 250 largest U.S. cities and.

Realtor.com put together a list of hot spots where baby boomers are moving. Arizona, known for it’s affordability and climate, made a few of the top ten! number one on the list is in Florida. Punta.

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As a baby boomer. years. florida’s likely gain of one seat will be its smallest addition since the 1940 Census. California is not positioned to gain any seats for the first time since statehood in.

Baby boomers have contributed to this trend. Fifty years ago, this group was spread out evenly among the rest of the general population. By 1990, they had became more bicoastal and were concentrated in a small number of dynamic, growing metropolitan areas.. Between 1990 and 2000, a substantial number of boomers flocked from these metro areas to amenity-laden retirement and pre-retirement.

They’re moving long distances to places like Florida, Arizona and California, expecting retiring baby boomers to migrate to warmer climates. Jeff Tremblay relocated to Florida to open a senior care.

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Florida Suburbs You can forget the story line that baby boomers will be flocking to the cities for retirement. The media has overplayed it mainly because media lives in the city and can’t see the forest through the trees. Joel Kotkin writes about the decline in city population and growing smaller town population.

Home & Wealth The significance is even more staggering for people of color. Wealth from equity in a home constitutes 51% of total wealth of the average white household, but 71% for black households. Essentially, if you are part of America’s fastest growing populations, it’s highly likely that without a home, you don’t have wealth.