Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: A Matter of Definition

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Can I Keep my Tax Refund if I File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? Chapter 13 allows a debtor to pay past due income taxes and domestic support obligations like child support and alimony over the three to five year Chapter 13 payment plan. chapter 13 may allow a debtor to set new terms for the payment of a car loan that is older than 2.5 years.

Chapter 13 plan. A Chapter 13 plan is a document filed with or shortly after a debtor’s Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition. The plan details the treatment of debts, liens, and the secured status of assets and liabilities owned or owed by the debtor in regard to his bankruptcy petition. In order for plans to take effect,

 · Calculating a Chapter 13 plan payment is not for the faint of heart. Although it can be done by hand, most experienced consumer bankruptcy attorneys rely on computer software. This is one reason why filing a Chapter 13 case pro se (without an attorney) can be very difficult.

The chapter of the Bankruptcy Code providing for adjustment of debts of a "family farmer," or a "family fisherman" as those terms are defined in the Bankruptcy Code. chapter 13 The chapter of the Bankruptcy Code providing for adjustment of debts of an individual with regular income.

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Contrary to the public imagination, bankruptcy courts are not where businesses go to die. In fact, there is potential for creativity and rebirth in Chapter 11. minimalist disclosures in the Harry &.

As a practical matter. the bankruptcy court should employ the formula approach endorsed by the Till plurality”) (citing Till v. SCS Credit Corp., 124 S. Ct. 1951 (2004) (holding that the formula.

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By filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can take advantage of tools that aren't. and, to make matters worse, uses unique definitions of "disposable income,".

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The filing said a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization was possible. Petrolia said she isn’t sure what will happen to that request. She expects the matter might be discussed during an August 13.

CHAPTER 15. The chapter of the Bankruptcy Code dealing with cases of cross-border insolvency. It was formerly known as Section 304. "CHAPTER 20" An unofficial term describing the filing of a Chapter 7 proceeding followed by a Chapter 13. The Chapter 7 filing eliminates unsecured debts while the Chapter 13 filing handles continuing liens.